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Your Favorite Hard To Find Amazing 3 Titles-

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  1. Amazing 3 VG- 1:20 (Space men with a mission-3 beings from outer space take the form of a duck, horse, and rabbit-same animation as Marine Boy, Astro Boy,etc-1967 4 episodes)

DO NOT EXPECT HI FI STEREO RECORDINGS from anyone dealing in unofficial releases. If you are able to locate an unofficial release in stereo, consider yourself lucky. However, my prints are processed through an enhancer which DOES simulate stereo (meaning both channels will be playing)


PRICES: All DVDs are $24 each or $25 if you use paypal.

All tapes are $18 each, $19 if you use paypal. See ordering info page for details. THIS INCLUDES POSTAGE AND HANDLING.

Canada orders please include additional $3.25 per the total for normal delivery to Canada would be $21.25 per tape.

Foreign Orders:Please add $8.95 per tape for global priority mail (3-4 days) or add $8.15 for 1 tape or $14.65 for 2 tapes for AIR mail (8-10 days). All tapes are NTSC. (NTSC is the North American standard-if you are ordering from overseas be sure you have NTSC video tape recorders OR inquire about PAL transfers. If PAL transfer is needed please add an additional $10.

All tapes are Maxell, Fuji, or TDK. Tapes are recorded on 4-head HI-FI decks at SP for best quality. Due to customer confusion and my lack of explaining properly-we can no longer combine different items on one tape...sorry

I am also VERY open to trading. If you have anything you think I might be interested in trading feel free to offer. I am currently looking for the following: Silverhawks with original commercials, The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Show 70s fillers-ex. when Bugs is singing "Gee golly whiz and golly gee oh I love a girl and she loves me" and Yosemite Sam is awoke by the singing....also looking for just about any cartoons from the 80's WITH original commercials....if you taped something yourself and still have it in a box somewhere-dig it out-I may need it! I am also interested in TOYS! From GI Joe to Star Wars-old or new. I am also way into old (pre-1965) comic books and old movie posters

Send Check or Money Order to:

John Wells PO Box 1733 Bettendorf, IA 52722

I am NOT an expert on television history. If names, dates, etc. are wrong let me know so I can change it.

If you are looking for detailed info on TV shows - check or or - We are not affiliated in any way with these sites - but we do find them useful for the expert information they provide.

Please allow 2 weeks for checks to clear. This is due to bad checks I have received in the past. Money order payments sent within 4-8 BUSINESS days from the time I receive payment via 2 day priority mail.

I had a $170 bad check and I never received the merchandise or the $$$ so now we always wait....even if your check clears the day I deposit it....we still wait....cause most of the time we only go to the PO box 2 times a week...and sometimes there will be 2 or 3 checks in there... so even if I call the bank and ask if a deposit was good....there is no way to distinguish if your check is good or not.... so just assume you will have to wait 10 BUSINESS days from the time I deposit your check....not from the time you send your order out, and not from the time I recieve it....but when I deposit it.... I hope this is clear and not too insulting, but too many people lately have been expecting their orders way too fast....if you want the order with a credit card-see the link on the order form icon or pay with money order.....Remember it was one JERK that caused all this grief.....this waiting time is a relatively new thing for us...and just the other day I am glad we waited because I had another bad check! It was not for a huge amount like the other one....but if I had sent it within 5 days I would have been out of luck. SO! I hope my customers (and future customers) are not too upset with this turn of events, but it has to be done..... Remember....delays can be avoided by paying with credit card or with money order

Grading System: EXC=Excellent print;Laser disc quality;cable TV quality; NO FLAWS VG=Very Good;Minor problems;look like 1st or 2nd generation copies of EXC prints GD=Good; Noticeable flaws here & there; still very watchable; typical boot quality; most foreign import prints look like this due to PAL transfer; skin starts to bleach out; reds bleed; sound begins to deteriorate FR=Fair; looks like you made a copy of your favorite boot for a friend w/out an enhancer; color prints start to lose color sound may be muffled or garbled PR=Poor; Stay away from this UNLESS you are a completist; barely watchable If there is a + or - after the grading-it means the quality is a little better or a little worse than the grade listed....

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